Earth M.D. Colloidal Silver

Silver has been used for centuries as a natural antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal agent to fight bacteria and other microbials. 


Benefits Include:

  1. For Cleaning Wounds and Skin
    • Keep wounds, burns, skin conditions, hotspots, ringworm (a fungal infection) and other open sores clear of bacteria and other infectious agents.
  2. Eye and Ear Infections
    • Ear and eye infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or all of the above, which are all killed by silver nanoparticles. It is a good option when you do not know if an ear infection, for example, is caused by bacteria or by fungus.
  3. Anti-inflammatory
    • Its anti-inflammatory abilities are not often discussed, but it has been shown in recent studies that silver can decrease inflammation and swelling, which can increase healing.
  4. Cold/Flu
    • The great thing about Colloidal Silver is microbes take longer to develop resistance or immunity to it, unlike conventional antibiotic drugs. This means those antibiotic-resistant superbugs have nothing to defend themselves against the wrath of silver nanoparticles.
  5. Respiratory and Urinary Tract Infections
    • These types of infections are very common in cats that use poor quality clay litters that are full of dust. The Colloidal Silver would be ingested to treat these infections to work from the inside out.


Directions: Apply topically. 

  • <25lbs 1 tspn/day
  • 25-70lbs 2 tspns/day
  • >70lbs 2.5 tspns/day


Ingredients: Purified Water, Silver



Earth M.D. Colloidal Silver