New Zealand Bovine Colostrum
A whole food product for your dog. New Zealand Bovine Colostrum is not only nutritious, but it contains immune and growth factors, enzymes, proteins, and many other beneficial substances. It is not a cure all or a magic bullet, but it is a great, natural, holistic superfood to keep in your dog's medicine cabinet to help when your dog is not doing great.  Bovine colostrum has a long history as a nutritional supplement, particularly with the Indian Ayurvedic tradition. Known to help with allergic reactions such as itchy skin, hot spots, scooting, irritated ears, itchy feet and breathing difficulties. And, amazingly colostrum supplementation has helped in healing problems such as degenerative arthritis and hip dysplasia in our dogs.

20 g | 100 mL in a recyclable glass jar

Pure and undiluted New Zealand bovine colostrum
free of rBST and free of GMOs
IgG content regularly tested at 22-27%
First Milking – collected within 24 hours of birth. Calves' needs are met first.
Only produced during a single three-month period every year.

When introducing any new item to your dogs diet do so gradually. 

Suggested maximum use – 1/8 tsp per 15 lbs - once a day
Store in a cool dry place away from humidity, heat, and direct light

New Zealand Bovine Colostrum