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Healthy coat, bright eyes and a truly happy boy! Thanks Alpha Dog Raw, I love my new raw food diet! 

Max & Dutchie

We love our morning treats from Alpha Dog Raw!

Blair, Kelsey & Ruby

A huge thank you to Alpha Dog Raw for these dehydrated smelts! Even the cat is happy!


Griff loves his salmon rolls and duck feet! 


This is Sydney 6 years young. In just a short time on raw her coat is so much softer, eyes are brighter and her play level has increased so much. Meal time she jumps like a kangaroo! Thank you for helping us introduce her to the world of raw.

Nikita & Zoey

Our girls love their new treats (duck feet, beaver tails and smelt) from Alpha Dog Raw!!! The duck feet are their favourite!!! Thank you for providing my girls with such healthy treats!!


Thanks for the wide variety of good food, I love my meals and all the delicious treats. I look and feel amazing! Thank you Alpha Dog Raw!

Riley & Thorin

Riley and Thorin thoroughly enjoy their treats from Alpha Dog Raw!


This ball of muscle is so grateful to Alpha Dog Raw for providing the best quality raw food! 


Thank you so much for the duck feet! I love knowing Aspen is getting quality products at a great price! Having a local company offering such a wide variety of treats and meals has been fantastic!


9 year old Easton cannot get enough of his new raw food diet! We have never seen Easton get so excited to eat each meal! Thank you to Alpha Dog for making Easton’s healthy diet so affordable & convenient. We love supporting local!


Dozer is so in love with his new food, and he has never felt better! Alpha Dog made it so easy to make the switch too! 


When he's not waiting for the dogs to finish so he can lick their bowls, this cutie can be found enjoying every last bite of his raw food!


This is my 3 year old, Jake. You can tell by the smile on his face, he loves his raw food!! Thank you Jen and Ryan, for supplying us with high quality food. Jake gives you two paws up!!


“Oliver is a changed dog because of his new raw diet. He gets excited for meals now and is healthy as ever! We have noticed a big difference in his energy, coat, sense of smell, and even his bad dog breath has gone away. I don’t think we could be any happier! Thank you Alpha Dog Raw!”


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ryan & Maredyth and was introduced to their Alpha Dog Raw.  One of our many dogs, Storm, has always been a fussy eater.  I have tried everything I could think of including cooking myself, and she would reluctantly eat, never finishing her bowl.  I am overjoyed to report that she now only finishes her bowl, but licks it clean and looks for more! All of the dogs are thoroughly enjoying their new diet.

Thank you so much Ryan & Maredyth!

Winston & Marshal

My dogs love their Alpha Dog meals!! As soon as they hear me pick up their bowls they literally go crazy! My bulldog, Winston, has a super sensitive stomach and has been doing so well on his new food. Our rescue, Marshal, is really picky about his food, but loves everything we’ve given him from Alpha Dog Raw. His tail wags in excitement and he tries to eat from the bowl before I finish setting it down!

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